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Unit 5
Title: The Ransom of Red Chief[1]
Suggested Time: 4 days (45 minutes per day)
Common Core ELA Standards: RL.8.1, RL.8.2, RL.8.3, RL.8.4, RL.8.6, RL.8.7, RL.8.9; W.8.2, W.8.4, W.8.9; SL.8.1; L.8.1, L.8.2, L.8.5

Teacher Instructions
Preparing for Teaching 1. Read the Big Ideas and Key Understandings and the Synopsis. Please do not read this to the students. This is a description for teachers about the big ideas and key understanding that students should take away after completing this task. Big Ideas and Key Understandings Writers use irony to fuel the plot of a story. Synopsis Bill and Sam decide that the best way to finance their upcoming land swindle is to kidnap the child of a wealthy
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“It contained inhabitants of as|
|come up with the idea to kidnap someone. Why do they decide on the town of Summit? Use words |undeleterious and self-satisfied a class of peasantry as ever clustered around a Maypole.” |
|and phrases from the text to support your response. |(paragraph 2) |
| | |
| |It is a semi-rural community and they care for their children. (paragraph 3) |
| | |
| |“Philoprogenitiveness, says we, is strong in semi-rural communities; therefore … a kidnapping |

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