Hunting Argumentative Essay

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Did you know that thousands of people hit deer every year, and hundreds of people are injured in the United States because deer herds are overpopulating. Animals being struck by vehicles has been a big problem that multiple Americans face in their lives. When it comes to deer there isn 't much you can do to stop your vehicle from hitting them. One deer can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a vehicle. It is guaranteed that someone you know has struck a deer or even been seriously injured by a collision with one. This plus numerous other reasons states why hunting is needed. Hunting is a necessary process due to the fact that hunting provides jobs, hunting feeds people, hunting keeps the wildlife population at the right level, and …show more content…
United States wildlife provides opportunities for hunters and non hunters to dine on venison (“Hunting Benefits…”). Hunters contribute to the United States economy in the form of food for the people in need throughout the United States (“Hunting Benefits…”). Some people hunt to retreive their own meat to provide for their family so they do not have to go to the store and buy it (Dickson). Think if you harvested a Whitetail Deer you could dine on that animals venison for around six months to a year (“Hunting Benefits…”). People say why hunt it can be bought in a store if you hunt you don 't have to buy the meat you can process it yourself and it is a whole lot cheaper (Dickson). People grind their own meat into burgers, bratwurst,sausage, and meat sticks (“Hunting Benefits…”). Homeless people are fed by most of the meat that is taken into the meat processors therefore, every bit of hunting that happens is for a good cause even if your animal is not donated to feed people it still feeds your family (“Hunting Benefits…”). Are you going to go and hunt and save your family some money or, would you rather just continue spending continues amounts of money at the

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