Decolonization Of Africa And The Congo Crisis Essay

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Many of the nations in Africa struggle for decades in order to achieve independents. It took until after World War II for decolonization to occur in Africa. In Africa, already a country that had their independents was Ethiopia that was able to avoid being successfully colonized by the Europeans. African nationalists endured many obstacles when it came to trying to gain their independence such as trying to become unity as one, Violence in Kenya, Sharpsville Massacre in South Africa, and the Congo Crisis. During the era of Decolonization, we see many turn of events take place after Ghana gains their independents from the British in 1957. In addition, we see many Africa Nationalists whom some have good intense while others are a part of the problem. The countries in Africa had to endure other obstacles such as corrupted African nationalists and trying to be manipulation into staying colonized. Africans had help Europeans with their fight for decades now it was their turn to fight for independents against the Europeans.
The movement for decolonization was supported by many other nations such as the United States and Soviet Union. However, it mostly seemed like for self-interest such as the reason the United States oppose colonization because “ it was antithetical to free trade and self-determination”(361). In addition, the Soviet Union did not like the factor it seemed to reflect capitalism. The concern for Africans independents was never on their agenda because all they saw was…

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