Essay on Decline Of Public Support For Humanitarian Intervention

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Decline of Public Support for Humanitarian Intervention
One of the key differences when it comes to Libya and Syria is how western public perception of humanitarian intervention has shifted. In the few short months following NATO intervention in Libya, support for humanitarian intervention in the United States (US) shrunk substantially and in a democratic country taking unpopular moves like promoting another intervention is likely a prominent concern domestically. US President Barack Obama discussed humanitarian intervention with overwhelming fervour and confidence when it came to US involvement in the Libyan Crisis, displaying his self-assurance that the public supported protecting the citizens of Libya. In contrast, Obama’s announcement of involvement in Syria after several protracted years of non-intervention portrays a far different outlook on his confidence in humanitarian intervention. Despite the fact that evidence had arisen suggesting that Syria had begun utilising chemical weapons on civilian populations, Obama is far more subdued in his assertion of the US’s R2P. He repeatedly emphasises the small scale of the intervention and approaches the issue from the perspective of regional destabilisation with reference to nearby US allies. This contrast displays a clear trepidation that was unseen several years before when it came to Libyan intervention and this is largely indicative of the opposition that quickly grew out of the Libyan Crisis and NATO’s intervention…

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