Declaration Of War Of 1812 Essay

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Declaration of War in 1812

A conclusive draw down in conflicts should have been the major result of ending the American Revolution, however unresolved issues between the United States and Great Britain would make any chance for peace short lived. The United States won its independence in 1783, although many Americans felt the United States was in another fight to win their Independence for a second time, and to do so would mean a declaration of war with Great Britain. Great Britain wasn’t engaged in attempts to reclaim their colonies but many Americans believe their actions leading up to the conflict constituted an infringement of their sovereignty and civil liberties. This paper will explore the facts leading up to the conflict and determine if a declaration of war with Great Britain was in fact necessary, or if the parties involved could have strived for a more amicable solution to prevent another war altogether. It was no secret that the United States and Great Britain were very disappointed with the agreements made concluding the American Revolution. Tension continued to mount during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. Moreover, Great Britain and France blocked trade routes in and out of Europe and implemented guidance to control neutral shipping that traveled to Europe. These are early examples where Americans felt their neutral rights were being violated, and had little recourse because the seas were controlled by a much stronger navy.…

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