Declaration Of Independence Vs Common Sense Essay

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There was a lot of tension building up during the 1760's and 1770's between Great Britain and America; something had to be done about it. The forefathers were in a confusing situation and had to come up with something to do to solve the problem. The major problem at that time was how the colonists were getting treated by Great Britain, and whether or not the colonists should declare their independence from Britain. The creation of Common Sense written by Thomas Paine and The Declaration Of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson were both a major reason why America pushed to declare their independence from Britain. Due to those two men creating those documents, the United States today is still independent from Great
Britain and the government running smoothly.
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The king of Great Britain “imposed cruel taxes” that affected the colonists. Imposing the cruel taxes caused the colonists to want to become independent from Great Britain. Both the
Declaration of Independence and Common sense are products of the Enlightenment. In religion, both of the documents don’t specifically state that all of mankind must be any specific set of religious beliefs, the people may choose which religious beliefs they want to believe in.
At the end of all the fighting and the cruel taxes being imposed by Great Britain, the colonists got tired of being treated unfairly and declared their independence from Great Britain.
Thomas Paine played a big role in America’s History because he spread the idea that Britain shouldn’t be ruling America, we the people should be independent. Thomas Paine influenced
Thomas Jefferson whenever he was creating the Declaration of Independence, which states why
America is now an independent country. Due to both Paine and Jefferson creating the two documents that they made, those two documents created a solid foundation for America to grow

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