Declaration Of Independence Rhetorical Analysis

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“The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time” (Jefferson). This is surely a quote that reflects what Thomas Jefferson’s ideas were when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. The idea that freedom is not something you earn, but something you are entitled to the moment you take your first breath of life. That was the ground that Jefferson stood upon, that he references in his writing, reaching out to foreign nations with justifications for separation from King George III. Thomas Jefferson uses logos, ethos, and anaphora in the Declaration of Independence in order to persuade the world nations that the breaking away from Britain is justified.
In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson constructs his writing using logos,
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The usage of anaphora can be seen twice, at the beginning where he is stating the rights of the people using statements beginning in ‘that’’, and in the long list of grievances with statements beginning in ‘he has’ and ‘for’. The rights anaphora established the power meant to be possessed by the people, the true governing force, allowing themselves to be governed and exercising their rights to eliminating threatening forces to their very being when necessary. The second and final anaphora holds a major role in the entirety of the impact of this declaration, introducing the King and high governing monarch as an immoral and unjust force, an oppressor to the people under his reign. This anaphora creates a sense of evil versus good, a present force that is neglecting and even stomping upon the aforementioned “unalienable rights” of his citizens (Jefferson 1). This listing of unfair acts criminalizes the monarch, and in doing so, creates a victim, the colonials, creating an underdog for who people can sympathize with and support. Like the pounding of a fist in the air, these anaphoras creates a sense of immense and inordinately cruel and unjust treatment, for which the desire to break away to freedom is

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