Decisions/Conflict Resolution Essay

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Decision-making is an important process which can control individual's life, make or break an organization, and can be used to develop leadership in today's business world. To explain why decision-making process is important; an individual needs to understand team decision-making, ethical and effective decision making, conflict sources and solutions.
Team Decision-Making

People work in teams because two or three heads is better than one. However, this is true if the team is working together. When team members do not work together it can bring uncertainty, disorder and confusion on the team. The cause of the team not working together most likely occurs due to miscommunication and understanding the skills of another person.
There are
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(Shelia P., 2003).
The team came to a final decision, however, now it is time to vote. This is the part where all the team members must agree on the decision; otherwise, there will be lack of supporting that decision. There are different ways to reach on agreement on the decision you can vote or come to consensus. To come up to consensus on decision, the team can try the following:
• The informal team leader can ask each member one by one of their decision during their team or voice conference meeting.
• Usage of colored cards. Each team member is giving one green and red card. When its time to vote the team member must present the card to everyone on the team. Green card means that the team member supports the decision and the red does not. (Shelia P., 2003).
• If the meeting is not occurring in the room, run online poll.
Some team members can prevent the team to come up with the decision in a timely manner because of their preconception. To resolve this situation, list the objectives for the success of your project and not base it on the personal opinions.
Here are some helpful guidelines to help the team to be successful in decision making as a group:
• Listen to what others are saying and show respect of other opinions
• Participate in the meeting discussion and in the activities (Example, setting up meeting room or writing an agenda)
• Be involved in the project. The true

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