Decision Tree Analysis : The Chemical And Physical Characteristics Of This Chemical

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Qn1 Ans
Decision tree analysis will involve step determination of the chemical and physical characteristics of this chemical. By knowing them, it will be very easy to determine the best control method to be employed. Firstly, the compound is corrosive and it therefore suggests that it is highly reactive and use of water and any other chemicals that can lead to an undesired chemical reaction will be ruled out. Also, the spilled chemical is producing fumes, mostly it suggests that it is either a strong acid or an alkali in addition to its corrosive nature. Use of carbon dioxide to manage the fumes/vapors will also be ruled out as the carbon dioxide is likely to react with the chemical to form dangerous substance. Therefore, the choice left is a method which will leave no undesired reaction and even condense the vapor to prevent its spreading to the environment. This is the use of foam. Therefore, foaming can be effectively used in such an incidence.
Other procedures that can be used to protect the lives of people in the affected area may involve the use of strong adsorbing agents and neutralizing agents in order to minimize and control the spread of the vapors. These methods will ensure that the problem will be mitigated at all cost. Affected individuals will be treated immediately whether it is burns by the chemical or irritation of the respiratory system and eyes caused by the fumes. In case of fire starting or corrosion of property, swift measures will be taken to…

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