Essay on Decision Making Speech : Decisions

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Decision Making Speech Decisions, decisions, decisions. These things are everywhere. There have been well over a thousand people’s individual decisions that have gone into making this keynote happen. Some of these decisions were small… like the decision NOT to type your keynote pamphlets in Comic Sans. Other decisions were quite a bit larger, like the decision to hold this conference here in this beautiful venue. All of you made the decision to attend today (or your boss made the decision to send you here, I don’t know your story). Regardless, we can all agree that decisions happen frequently in our lives. I’m here to tell you that the way you make decisions, particularly business decisions can really affect their success. Luckily, I’m also here to tell you how to make those effective decisions. First I’m going to tell you the various types of decisions that we can make. Now I’ll give you a moment to get out your pens and paper or cell phone cameras… because now is time that you’re going to want to start taking notes. Okay, good? Good. Now, I’m going to go through these types of decisions in a purposeful order. Each type of decision is ranked on two very important factors: urgency (how soon it needs done) and importance (how badly it needs done). The first type of decision making is what I like to call “passable” others might also say “procrastinate-able” or “wait and see” decisions. These are the decisions that are not urgent OR important. An example of a passable…

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