Decision Making; Solvay Group: International Mobility and Managing Expatriates

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Decision Making; Solvay Group: International Mobility and Managing Expatriates

Decision making with other members in organization is very important because every action needed decision making, planning a business, managing performances, care the employee and customers, every time every actions based on decision making. Then, how can we make a good decision?

Rational choice paradigm

Decision making is the conscious process of making choices among alternatives with the intention of moving toward some desired state of affairs. The ultimate principle of the rational choice paradigm is to choose the alternative with the highest subjective expected utility. And we can use the rational choice decision making process that there’s six
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The main reason is that company is the one who decide where to go and what position to take. Thus, in expat process, the opinion of employee's has less involvement. In this kind of situation, some of employees who will be move to other sectors of company can experience cognitive dissonance.

According to Andre Petitjean, young people are eager for the opportunity to move abroad and get the chance to move in their careers around the world. However, some of employees feel different way. If boss asked that a company will offer great opportunity for you, and you have to move South America or the United Kingdom.

At this moment, an Employee feel that he have to say "yes" because a boss expect that answer. Also, an employee knows that a company already has planned his/her expat process. If answer is " No," it will cause a problem for the organization. So he/she says "Yes."

Although an employee are willing to move the other sectors, there are still more problems. Marion, recently returned to Brussels after 13 years in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. said that he have been and expat for 13 years, and several times he prepared for a move that didn’t happen. It’s difficult for a family to handle uncertainty. Ribeim, an employee of solvay Said that he worry about the expat process because his wife cannot work as a doctor when his family move to other sectors. Nobthomb, who was went Korea in the early 1990s, said that for him, everything was trial and error because

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