Decision Making Process Using The Rational Decision Model Essay

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The Decision-Making Process using the Rational Decision Model Within the decision making process, there are five steps that was used in making a decision. Relevant to my circumstance, the fourth step, the lack of participation error was the missed step in this case. In the Rational Decision Model there is a fourth step that says to implement the preferred course of action. This stage is where the actions or in this case decision are made. While I was making the decision to post the content I found. I can admit that I left out an important person in the decision process, ie. my manager, but with a time crunch and the CEO pushing me to release the work, I thought it would cost the company an opportunity for gaining profit with the post, so I was irrational about my decision.
Conflict Management: The Stages of Conflict To address this issue I first have to analyze my problem to confirm if this is a defined conflict within the organization. Once it’s identified as a conflict than using the stages of conflict model can lead to a reasonable resolution.
• Antecedent conditions: Is the environment and the conditions are set to create a conflict
- In this issue yes, there were unrelated mistakes that have been made on my behalf. This might have caused the setting for a bigger problem to occur.
• Perceived conflict: Were there emotional differences felt?
-Over time negative emotions have grown from both parties.
• Felt conflict: Tension encourages motivation to act.
- We didn’t…

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