Decision-Making Process: Hiring A Physician's Office Assistant

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Decision Making Process
Christy Donley
Columbia College

Decision Making Process
I have an open position at work. The problem I am running into is what job title do I need to hire for the fulltime position. I have a limited amount of staff. I need to hire the job role the center would get the most benefit from. I can hire another Physician Office Assistant or another Registered Nurse. In the facility we are cross trained to do each other’s role. However, we are limited by compliance laws and training when there is a need for another nurse. The Registered Nurse can be trained to do the Physician’s Office Assistant’s job, but the POA cannot, by law, do the job of an RN. When a nurse calls out it leaves us with a staffing shortage. It slows
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The amount of patients we can see increases. The RN staff will have a more flexible schedule which increases staffing morale. The budget for salaries has been compromised by hiring a position at a higher salary. If I hire the POA when I have someone helping the nurses doing some of their tasks, such as casting, faxing orders, cleaning rooms, and doing vitals on a patient. Hiring the POA will allow the salaries to stay within the budget for the year. Regardless, which position hired they both would keep the flow of the clinic running smoothly and the patient wait time decreased to 15 minutes or less. When talking to the clinical support staff at the clinic they suggested hiring an RN instead of another POA. The staff felt an RN would be more beneficial and could help more in clinic for the services that are provided at the wound …show more content…
The RN role may appear to have a negative impact on the budget due to the RN position was not initially budgeted. The negative impact can be made up by increasing volume and productivity. The RN role can be cross trained to help with the governor regulated surveys and audits. The RN position has typically been able to hire quicker when looking back at the recruitment data for both positions. The registered nurse could also provide efficiency an overall better experience for the patient which is a standard goal for the

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