Decision Making Of The United States Air Force Essay

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Decision Making in the Work Place
As a member of the United States Air Force for almost twenty years, there are decisions that are made every day at different levels that affect the outcome of how we operate. Decision making is the process of choosing the best among the available alternatives with a purpose under a set of circumstances, and also identified as the core of planning (Rao, 2010). There are many types of decisions managers at different levels can make that have effects on how a squadron will operate in the United States Air Force. I have observed many decisions being made over my time in the Air Force, some of the decisions made included tactical, strategic, and operational.
Strategic decisions affect the entire organization. Strategic decisions are related to the contribution to the organizational objectives and goals (Rao, 2010). It is stated that strategic decisions can determine the destiny of the organization. In the Air Force we work and are assigned to an air expeditionary force cycle or AEF. When I first entered the military there was no cycle and we were notified about a month prior to our unit deploying. With the decision to transition to the AEF cycle, we have a time frame on when our unit would be selected to deploy giving members and their families the opportunity to plan better. Another strategic decision made was the changing of our physical fitness testing. At first we were only tasked to be weighed, height taken and ride a stationary bicycle…

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