Decision-Making Model Case Study

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Session Two: Decision-Making Model
Session two will discuss prevalent concerns, challenges, and frustrations associated with being uncertain of a major or career choice. The counselor will encourage group members will share their own personal goals. Members will share their homework assignments and discuss similarities. The counselor will educate members on the decision-making model. Additionally, the counselor will encourage the participants will disclose their expectations of the group. Members are urged to participate in all group sessions.

• To administer additional assessments to help in future evaluation of the group 's effectiveness
• To evaluate if the presented group goals are appropriate for each participant
• To
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Next, the counselor will then direct the group to break into three small groups by assigning members a number. The group exercise will consist of working together on a small puzzle. This exercise will help them bond as they will be helping each other accomplish the given task. Next, group members will complete the career issues survey. After completing the survey, members give their reasons for being in the group and complete an initial self-examination. The decision-making model is discussed with assigned homework in the next portion of the group session. In this portion, the counselor intends to assist group members ' in the career exploration process. The last portion of the group session has members define and explore career interest.
Possible Difficulties:
Some members resists in sharing and expressing personal information due to their continued anxiety and lack of trust in the group. Members may feel there is no real meaning in attending the group if they do not connect or fully understand the group 's goal.

Session Three: Interest and
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The counselor will lead a discussion on values. Next, group members will complete a work values checklist and a first day of work exercises. The counselor will lead a discussion on the decision-making process in regards to comparing major possibilities or jobs. This discussion leads to the next steps for implementation. For homework, members will decide on three career areas to explore for the group session,

Possible Difficulties:
Members start to disclose and share meaningful personal information with some members becoming emotional. This initiates other members to become apprehensive about sharing for fear of how they may be viewed.

Session Five: One-Stop Career Center
The final session focuses on how to obtain academic major, career, and occupation information. The One-Stop Career Center at West Georgia Technical College on the Murphy Campus will be used to gather information on majors and careers. Furthermore, members will collect occupational information from the One-Stop Career Center to increase the number of career and major

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