Decision Making Drives The Business World Essay

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This chapter made me reflect on the decisions that I make on a daily basis, as well as the decisions I will have to make when I enter the business world. Even though I don’t notice it, my mind goes through different processes every time I make a decision. I also subconsciously take myself through a processing model every time I need to accomplish something. On a more personal level, I set critical success factors, or goals, for myself and key performance indicators to help achieve those goals. Once I enter the business world, being an efficient and effective worker will be vital if I want to move up the ladder in a company. Because I want to be a CPA, having outstanding analytical capabilities will also be essential. Decision-making drives the business world, and this chapter showed me how to properly evaluate and make the correct decision. In my personal life, I have set a few critical success factors that I would like to achieve. The first is to get perfect grades. Some key performance indicators to see if I am achieve that goal is attendance grades. It is tough to get perfect grades if you don’t show up to class every day, so that is the most important KPI for me. Another KPI for that critical success factor is never missing an assignment deadline. Receiving a zero on an assignment will almost always result in not getting perfect grades. Outside of school, I have a CSF of being an outstanding teammate. Just like getting perfect grades, being an outstanding teammate take…

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