Decision Making And Problem Solving Strategies Essay examples

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John Adair (2010). Decision-Making and Problem Solving Strategies. Kogan Page
In this book, the author talks about how decisions are made in three form. Those forms consist of decision-making, problem-solving and creative thinking. The author goes into detail about those different forms and how they affect us when making a decision. The author talks in detail on how you cannot predict the actual outcome of a decision but there are skills that can use to come to the best solution or decision.
I would suggest this book to anyone that wants to understand the decision-making process in the simplest form. This book is not only explaining the decision-making process but it also includes activities and everyday situations to help you understand the topic at hand. For example, in the book, it compares problems to puzzles. It said if you cannot figure out the right piece that goes next in a puzzle, a person usually stops and come back to it and figure out where the next piece goes. This method can be used as well as solving a problem. Also, it has a checklist to help you apply a method to a situation. The book language or audience will not have any difficulty understanding the terminology or following along. The author keeps the audience engaged and active.
This book will help me to understand my thought process not only in making an important decision in my life but on the job. It shows me the different views I can view my “problem” and come to a decision that I would be…

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