Decision Making And Conflict Management Essay

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Decision Making and Conflict Management
There are many decisions to be made in any kind of organization including health care. Most of these decisions affect everyone in one way or another and therefore managers and those in authority have to ensure that the decisions they make impact not only just their organizations but also their employees.
Decision making is not an easy task and as stated above one style cannot be utilized to making all decisions. According to Borkowski, (2011) “managers have different styles when it comes to making decision and solving problems” (p.276). Therefore when a manager is presented with a problem or when a decision has to be made, he or she may utilize different styles in solving the problem or issue. According to there are techniques that managers can use before making a decision and they include” how important the decision is, what are the resources available inside and to the group, and how much time does one have?” (p.3). Knowing that a decision made impacts every individual in the group, department or organization in one way or another, it is important to utilize the best style in decision making.
The steps associated with making decisions can be categorized as directive, analytic, conceptual, and behavioral. Directive approach according to Borkowski (2011) focuses on technical decisions and it is generally an autocratic style of decision making, while having a low tolerance for ambiguity (p276). It further states that a manager…

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