Deception, Lying, Prevalence, Professionals Essay

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Keywords: Deception, Lying, Prevalence, Professionals

How deceptive are the professionals in some of the highest level jobs in our society? This paper examines levels of deception among lawyers, doctors, and business people. This research stems from Professional Deception: Examining Perceptions of Deception in Law, Medicine, and Business, by Klein et. al. (2015), which examined the perceived levels of deception among the general population of these three professions. To add to this research, we focused on actual levels of deception, and determined if general population perceptions were similar.

Prior studies have shown that all three of these professions utilize some sort of deception to varying degrees. Business professionals are generally not held to a defined standard of conduct. Because of this, the general population perceives people in this profession as more deceptive [1]. Lawyers however are held to a standard set by the American Bar Association (ABA). For example, ABA rule 8.4 disallows misconduct in the form of deception and deceit [2]. Even with this in place, lawyers are trained to always make the law be in their client 's favor by whatever means necessary. Therefore, lawyers may be perceived as deceptive. Doctors are perceived as the least deceptive. Most doctors desire to preserve the doctor-patient relationship and effective clinical care. Both would be negatively impacted if physicians were to withhold, fabricate, or distort crucial…

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