Deception Based On How It Was Used Upon Them Essay

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People have different ways of interpreting deception based on how it was used upon them or how they’ve used it on others to get what they desire. But for me, it wasn’t that big of a deal in my life. It was always that lie you told to your mom when you were younger saying you didn’t hit your sibling, or the white lie you told your best friend to avoid hurting their feelings. But after doing this research paper I learned that there are a lot of deeper forms of deception than what I had originally thought to be.
Before starting my research, all I thought of the word was that it meant lying. Turns out I was wrong. I started out by looking up the word in an unabridged dictionary. “The act or practice of deceiving or misleading.” (Webster). This didn’t really give me much insight to the word, so I looked it up in an Oxford dictionary. “The action of deceiving or cheating.” (660). I kept seeing the word deceit in every definition so naturally I went to check that word out as well. “Deluded imposed upon, misled, mistaken, etc.” (660). Now that I had a solid mindset of the word, it was time to get deeper into the meaning of it.
“Beguilement, betrayal, blarney, boondoggle, cheat, circumvention, cozenage, lying.” ( These are all forms of deception. For me, the one that stood out the most was betrayal. Who knew that deception could lead to such a big thing as betrayal from someone that you love simply by them lying to you. Here it is, the book everyone praises and…

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