The Decay Of Interpersonal Relationships Research Paper

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Teranesha Taylor
26 November 2016
Prof. Lee
EVR 1001

The Decay of Interpersonal Relations

Loneliness, depression, and feelings of inferiority because of other people’s lives are things that no one wants to discuss. No one wants want to admit that they are lonely, in need of friends, or that majority of their friendships are online. Rarely do we meet face to face with our social media friends. We live in a world where loneliness is at an all-time high, and connections through social media seem to be the cure to our loneliness. But is that true? Can we really have genuine connections if we’ve never met face to face? Is Wi-Fi really the common factor that we need to bond and become genuinely good friends? In this paper,
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There’s twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Ovooo, and Facebook and the list continues. Social media is the new way to communicate without being face to face. The internet and Wi-Fi has allowed people to communicate with each other even when they are thousands of miles away. The internet has allowed people to live the fast life, be on the go and somewhat stay connected from miles away. Social media isn’t all negative and can be a great asset to friends and families who want to stay connected and cannot because they live thousands of miles away. But, the truth of the matter is that all this is false! In fact, Social media has caused a massive decline in interpersonal communications. Per Willy Kruh, “Social media have altered the way we engage and communicate ideas.” In an article written by Kruh, Kruh said that social media has significantly redefined our relationships with people and how we communicate.” While I believe that social media is effecting our personal life Kruh believes that it effects our business life …show more content…
People in the world are very lonely. The time that people spend on social media gives them a chance to escape that loneliness. People never escape loneliness by being online. Even when someone is online their still lonely. At the end of the day when the screen goes off, and the chats stop, people are still lonely. Many people in the world are lonely and Facebook has given them this false sense of security that they aren’t lonely. Per Laurel Storm “communicating through technology creates a barrier between people that isn 't there when speaking face to face, so some may find it easier to be rude.” Behind the screen people feel confident, they say things they would never say in person. It almost as if the screen has created a false sense of confidence. Facebook is giving the lonely a chance to feel special and the depressed a chance to feel happy. All of this is false. At the end of the night when people turn off the computer they lay in the bed alone. The relationships online are meaningless. An article was recently published that stated that Facebook is making people lonely. I disagree with the article. I think that people are already lonely and Facebook is just helping them to express that loneliness with the things that they post online. It’s almost pathetic how people have turned to social media and the online world to fill their cravings and to make their self-feel special. Instead of a place to

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