Deca 250 Research Papers

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Deca 250 or Deca Durabolin has long been used in the world of athletics and until today, has been the most popular steroids in sports. Its fame is due to its overly high deca-durabolin- webanabolic activity. As a result, as it mass increase, so as its side effects. Also, it yields a lesser water retention, doesn’t have any effect on a person’s blood pressure and most important of all, it isn’t toxic to the liver and kidneys as most body building substances.

One more notable thing about Deca 250 is its ability to relieve a person from painful and inflamed joints. There are theories that this is due to it having an anti-inflammatory receptors like cortisol have. With this it acts more like a catabolic cortisol and then replaces it with an anabolic analogue which also has similar anti-inflammatory qualities. Although it may appear like a magical solution for most of the athletes with connective tissue issues as well as joint pain problems, there’s currently no information
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If the dosage taken exceeds 400-600 mg a week, certain sensitive individuals may experience hypertension or increased blood pressure, bleeding especially in time of cuts, over production of oil from the sebaceous glands which leads to acne, an increase in libido but at the same time a fall on sperm count and more. High blood pressure may also lead to frequent headaches especially in the nape area.

We shouldn’t also forget that prolonged use of this drug especially of male athletes may lead to impotence. For the female user, they can still go with 50 mg a week without experiencing any problems. But, virilization or what we call masculinizing side effects can be a concern among women who are using anabolic hormones. Every individual has different sensitivity levels in which the side effects also vary. The common ones would be deepening of voice, an increase in body and facial hair, acne and enlargement of

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