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Unit 1:

Narrative Essay

Feeling complete with your own personal mental and physical standpoints is essential if you ever want a fulfilling relationship. Knowing your own ability to live vigilantly day to day, being gratified with the prospects of how you are living your life up until this point. This is what determines wether your ready to take the step into entering a relationship. Every point in ones life is a learning experience. Treating past relationships as learning experiences help to better your understanding of what your really looking to gain out of future relationships. The following paragraphs discuss a story of my past. This story revolves around a relationship taking place at a negative point in my life. So my lesson
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"Why would she be interested in me?," I said to myself. After all, she seemed way out of my league.

Within two days we were dating. I felt I was the luckiest guy alive. I was nothing compared to her. I had little money and I was out of shape. What was a girl with a 94% grade point average doing with a smuck like me? After about three weeks into our relationship I began to notice a dependence to be with Erin. At that time my emotional state was even more flushed due to my relationship circumstances. I felt that since she was so much better mentally and physically then I was, that i should do whatever it takes to show her i had strong feelings for her. I notice now that this is what people call infatuation and obcession.

About two months into the relationship with Erin is where it finally ended. She had told me early one night that she no longer felt that spark she at first felt. Her final words to me were "I feel that at this point in our relationship, you will be at my side no matter what happens. Where is my ambition to make you happy when you already say you love me." Those words made me more miserable and depressed then I had ever felt in ages. Threw her words though, I had began to realize how right she was. It wasn't that I loved her, but it was that i felt so low about myself, that i gained all my happyness threw being with someone i felt was superior to whom i should have been with.

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