Deborah Tannen

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Deborah Tannen has researched the importance of education and narrowed the topic to be influenced on the gender differences. The article written by Deborah Tannen titled “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently” captures students’ participation in a classroom setting. It can be overlooked that gender has no effect with their education, but is explained as why engagement correlates with the gender of the students’. Tannen researched and observed different effects involving participation within education to involve all students and not continually have males. Tannen’s article involves supporting information that would benefit her defense that males are more dominant in school classroom with the observation in class setting. The use of some statically analysis help visualize the difference of female and male participation. The combination of using other professors’ observation justified students’ involvement. Tannen mainly discussed personal observation which visually benefits the claim with the difference of group and class involvement. The purpose of the article is to identify the …show more content…
Depending the professor’s setup distinguishes the classroom participation for a student to listen, engage, or solely write notes. With the addition of liability is missing the importance of class subject. The subject of the class is important because it involves engaging conversations about society issues or straight forward conversation about molecules. These missed identifications are important key factor that distinguish the common difficulties between class courses or whether the expectation of the class creates participation differences. Overall the use of the classroom observation in Tannen’s article is well justified because it demonstrated vividly which involvement was more beneficial for the

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