Deathbed Repentance Or Joyful Living Essay

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Deathbed Repentance or Joyful Living
Procrastination. It is a noxious weed in this mortal experience. The temptation to wait until tomorrow robs a person of the security of being prepared for the future as well as being able to enjoy today to the fullest. To live joyfully, we must recognize the temptation to procrastinate and look for the reward if we simply do what needs to be done. Many people claim that procrastination is helpful by allowing them to enjoy the moment and not have to worry about a task or situation, when, in reality, procrastination is a habit which robs a person of their self-esteem and negatively impacts their educational opportunities.
The habit of procrastination.
In her online MOOC course, Learning How to Learn, Dr. Barbara Oakley teaches that procrastination is a habit. A habit is a series of thought processes that are performed in quick succession which we no longer make conscious decisions about. There are four stages in every habit: the cue, the routine, the reward, and the belief. With procrastination, when the brain perceives discomfort or pain (the cue), the immediate desire is to stop or alleviate the pain. This is accomplished by doing something else – i.e., checking email or surfing the internet (the routine). The distraction relieves the discomfort of the original task (the reward). As a way of justifying putting off the task, we will tell ourselves something like “I can’t understand these math problems,” or “I…

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