Death With Dignity : The Death Of Dignity Essay

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Death With Dignity

The idea of having a human medically die on their own terms(physician-assisted death) is one of the most debatable topics in the United States. Some people consider it as assisted suicide, or even murder. I consider it a way to help end suffering. If someone is going to die from a terminal illness, they should have the right to end their life as painlessly and peacefully as possible. The ability for humans to legally get a prescription to end their lives should be further legalized in America, as long as there are strict guidelines and procedures in place.

In the event that a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, is in constant insufferable pain, or has virtually become a “vegetable”, they should have the right to be put to rest. Prolonging someones life when they are in such a state is completely callous. Not to sound childish, but in my eyes it seems to be unfair to have humans suffering throughout the end of their lives. If it 's seen as cruel to let a suffering pet or animal live out its life, wouldn 't it make sense to apply the same principles to our own kind?

In light of the recent publicity this issue has raised, take Brittany Maynard for example. Shortly after she got married, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. After having brain surgery to slow the growth of the tumor, the tumor became much more aggressive and became terminal. She was given 6 months to live. Maynard has stated that if she were to live out her life in hospice care,…

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