Death With Dignity Should Be Legal Throughout The United States

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Sometimes when life and suffering become unbearable, death offers a welcome escape. When it is a question between seeking expensive long term treatment or ending one’s suffering altogether, assisted suicide, Death with Dignity, gives someone a choice whether or not to end their life. Death with Dignity refers to a person’s legal right to end one’s life. This “solution” to pain and suffering is often frowned upon for various reasons in many religions and by specific individuals such as doctors, nurses, and family members. Despite these objections, death with dignity should be legal throughout the United States because it gives people a chance to decide what is best for themselves, it costs a lot less money than a long-term treatment, and it ends their suffering. Though it may be against religious beliefs and individual wishes, a person should be in complete control of their own life. For many people, religion plays a huge role in their lives and may impact how they feel and what decisions they make regarding an issue such as Death with Dignity. In the article, “Religion and Spirituality- Death with Dignity” there are many examples about specific religions and how they feel about assisted suicide, “The official position of the Roman Catholic Church is strict: killing of a human being, even by an act of omission to eliminate suffering, violates divine law and offends the dignity of the human person” (“Religion and Spirituality” par. 8). This is just one of many religions…

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