Essay about Death : Who Has The Right?

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Death: Who Has The Right? What does death mean to you? Is it an act of God or an effect of our mortality? If you were in an irreversible state or had a terminal illness, how would you want to spend your last days? Who would you want to dictate how you lived your last moments: a political leader, congressman, family member, or yourself? Death is an imminent result for all of us so we should have the rights to die the way that is ideal for unideal situations. What is your perspective? Should our democracy legalize euthanasia for patients in health care centers? What does Euthanasia mean to you? Does it sound like the drug that ‘puts down’ our pets? Have you heard of it as a state of mind or serenity before a drug cocktail takes away the life of a suicidal patient with depression? Euthanasia “…in modern society…has come to mean a death free of any anxiety and pain…deliberately putting an end to someone’s life in order to spare the individual’s suffering.” (Manning 1). Euthanasia is reserved for the terminally ill and those who have six months or less to live and this act of ‘mercy killing’ separates their bodies from pain and our world forever. 70% of the California population voted for ‘The End of Life Option Act’ (ABX2-15) (Doughty). The states of Washington, Oregon, Vermont, and Montana in the U.S. and the countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland in Europe have all legalized the right to die under irreversible circumstances over the age of 18.…

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