Death to Tobacco Essay

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Death to Tobacco
Aaron Smith
University of Detroit Mercy

Death to Tobacco
You don’t have to look at statistics or ask the government to see the decline in tobacco use. Many of the tobacco abusers are people who immigrate to America. The writer has noticed since the days of his childhood, when people could smoke in restaurants, that has changed along with no smoking in public places or government buildings. Even though the officials want to end tobacco use, not until the world ends will tobacco use end, even if it is better for your health.
Scientific knowledge about the health effects of tobacco use has increased greatly since the first Surgeon General’s report on tobacco was released in 1964.
Tobacco use causes: * Cancer
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Based on more than 45 years of evidence, it is clear that the toll tobacco use takes on families and communities can be significantly reduced by: * Fully funding tobacco control programs. * Increasing the price of tobacco products. * Enacting comprehensive smoke-free policies. * Controlling access to tobacco products. * Reducing tobacco advertising and promotion. * Implementing anti-tobacco media campaigns. * Encouraging and assisting tobacco users to quit.
The Healthy People 2020 Tobacco Use objectives are organized into 3 key areas: 1. Tobacco Use Prevalence: Implementing policies to reduce tobacco use and initiation among youth and adults. 2. Health System Changes: Adopting policies and strategies to increase access, affordability, and use of smoking cessation services and treatments. 3. Social and Environmental Changes: Establishing policies to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, increase the cost of tobacco, restrict tobacco advertising, and reduce illegal sales to minors.
Preventing tobacco use and helping tobacco users quit can improve the health and quality of life for Americans of all ages. People who stop smoking greatly reduce their risk of disease and premature death. Benefits are greater for people who stop at earlier ages, but quitting tobacco use is beneficial at any age ("Tobacco Use," 2014, para. 5-8).
There may never be an end to tobacco use, but the

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