Enormity Of Death Essay

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From his first breath, mankind is aware that one day, death will come. No man knows the hour nor the day of his demise. Some men want to know the way that they will die, for they wish to avoid it. Little do those men know, that death is insurmountable--it can never be overcome. Death itself can bring any man to his knees in either grief or physical turmoil. Sometimes, even the realization that death will someday overpower fragile humanity—no matter how strong they think they are--is enough to awaken alarm. Death, which remains a worrisome mystery to mankind and often induces fear, is just a natural part of the enormity of life. With life comes death, and with death comes a myriad of ways in which it occurs. One of these ways is by the means of natural death. Natural deaths are generally caused by the natural means of aging and various diseases (Department of Health and Human Services 21). …show more content…
When some people first hear of their inevitable death, their first feeling is that of shock. In many cases, when shock first strikes, they may seem quite normal and untroubled by the news. Some people may even need to be told several times before they fully grasp what is happening. After the person realizes the severity of what is happening, some physical signs of shock may then be visible through pale skin, labored breathing, and an empty stare (“The Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle”). Also people who are experiencing this need to be shown some acceptance and sympathy to know that they are not alone (“The Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle”). “Shock symptoms can be pre-empted to some extent by taking the person to a place where they can safely hear the news. Especially if they are likely to move swiftly into more emotive stages, they will need to be in a private place, away from the embarrassment of public tears, and in the company of trusted friends or family” (“The Kubler-Ross Grief

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