Death Penalty Essay

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The Death Penalty
AJS/552 WK 4
Professor: Joseph Laronge
March 31, 2015
By: Tammy J Argie

In a time when the people ask that all crimes be punished in some way shape or form the one that has caused the most controversy is the death penalty or also known as capital punishment. Whether on is for or against the death penalty we must remember it has been around since the late eighteenth century B.C. All crimes in that time were punished by death no matter what the crime was. When William the Conquer ruled he allowed only hangings to take place for murders and nothing else (Part 1: History of the death penalty, 2015). The first person to convicted and killed under a death penalty law was Captain George Kendall for being accused of
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This was something that was not anticipated and has been the reason for bring back the debate over the death penalty. Many felt that after this incident that the death penalty falls under the cruel and unusual punishment. Over the past one hundred years there has been much documentation of botched executions that not only prove that executions do not always go as planned but that when it comes to death some are more stubborn and hard-wearing that others. According to studies 3 % of the hangings that were done did not go well, about 2% of electrocutions did not go as planned, and more than 5 % of gassings were botched as well. Lethal injections were even at a higher percentage rate of 7% for being botched than any other form of execution
(Wallace-Wells, 2014). With examples like these who can blame most of America for wanting to do away with the death penalty. The government wanted to find was to make executions less horrific and human. So with the proper research they felt that lethal injection would be a perfect solution. The process was thought to be simple. First the inmate would be strapped down to a gurney then given what is known as a paralytic who will paralyze the inmate to where they are unable to show any pain or move. Once they are sure that the inmate is sedated the will begin to inject lethal doses of drugs in to their system which will cause death. They will ruin it to

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