Death Penalty Versus Life Sentence Essay

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Death Penalty versus Life sentence
The death penalty was first presented in 1700 BC, illustrated in the Code of Hammurabi, which is famous for the statement, "an eye for an eye." Another mode of punishment is a life sentence in prison. Out of all the individuals serving time in prison, one in every nine is serving a life sentence. The death penalty is permanent, whereas the life sentence is reversible, allowing individuals a chance to reform and change. Both life sentence and death penalty are harsh means of punishment in the United States; however, they differ because, the death penalty costs the government more money, than charging a person with a life sentence in prison. So, what does the high expense for the death penalty mean for other governmental expenses? What does the irreversible act of the death penalty mean for innocent individuals?
The death penalty is an irreversible act, unlike a life sentence. For example, if a person was given a life sentence, they would be able to be released, if found innocent. If they were given the death penalty, although it takes years, odds are they will be dead before they could be proclaimed innocent. The Innocence Project was established in order to vindicate individuals who were wrongfully convicted due to DNA calamity or misidentification with witnesses. Since the Innocent project has been established, an uncountable number of individuals have received freedom for crimes they were wrongfully accused of committing. For most…

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