Essay about Death Penalty : The Murder Penalty

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Death Penalty
“The jury finds the defendant guilty, I hereby announce that Shawn Mendoza will be in five years of imprisonment and eight years on death row.” Shawn’s pupils dilated twice their size as the Judge’s words rang inside his ears. He slowly turned back to see his friends and family frozen in shock. They knew he was innocent; it was all a misunderstanding. Shawn’s wife, Celeste, had watery eyes that broke Shawn’s heart when he looked into them. The security hand-cuffed Shawn and walked him out of the room while his friends and family starred until he was no longer seen. There are criminals who commit small crimes, then there are other criminals who commit worse crimes. Even though the majority of people thinks criminals that commit awful crimes deserve to be sentenced to death, there are still those who oppose it. “Over half the percentage of Americans favor the death penalty, but the opinions of the rest matter too” (Feingold, 2000). Death penalties are wrong because no one ever deserves to die no matter what they have done. Criminals have friends and family too, who might end up hurting and suffering. In some cases the person who is accused of being guilty might end up being innocent after all. Judges have made mistakes of sentencing someone to death and they have done nothing wrong. Once the death penalty has been set and done, there is no way it can be taken back. People should not be sentenced to death because it is against the Ten Commandments, ‘Thou shall…

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