Death Penalty Solution Essay

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Death Penalty Murder, someone on this earth is murdered every 60 seconds. Not just accidentally killed. but the victim of cold blooded, brutal, premeditated murder. Is this acceptable? I say no, this is an intolerable number. Those members of society who are responsible for these heinous crimes should be brought to justice; the death penalty is one solution to this problem. In the 1600’s the death penalty was first instituted when “William the Conqueror” allowed those who had committed murder to be hung for their crimes. One would think twice about committing murder if the penalty was death, right? Due to crime growing exponentially, it would seem that drastic measures need to be taken in an attempt to minimize or end these unforgivable acts. The death penalty effectively removes the offender from society and …show more content…
Consequences for being wrongly accused can very from a minor punishment to the incorrect use of the death penalty;very few of these mistakes have been made. Yet some people rationalize and conclude that these small risks are enough to completely rule out the use of the death penalty. Although some families and friends of victims want the extreme punishment, some families believe the process make it more difficult to move past the issue (Death Penalty Can Prolong Suffering For Victims). Murder is one of the reasons that the death penalty is used and the friends and family of the victim believe it is just as bad for the courts to decide that murder should be committed again to gain “justice’. These people do not want others to kill for them because they see the process as a crime of the same caliber committed against their friend or family member and they are not the reason the crime had to be committed. But do these small and seemingly insignificant measures truly outweigh the positivity the death penalty could have on defending against crime in the

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