Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal Essay

1320 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
Death penalty opponents regularly spotlight tales of wrongful convictions and botched executions primarily to boost their advocacy for the elimination of capital punishment altogether. When lamenting racial or geographic or social disparities in the application of death sentences or in patterns of execution, death penalty opponents devote precious little attention to how increasing the number of death sentences or executions in a particular jurisdiction could help make the system more equitable and consistent.14 Complaints from abolitionists about the modern death penalty being “unreliable,” “arbitrary,” or involving “excessive delays” come with calls to eliminate the death penalty entirely rather than with any suggestions or concrete proposals concerning how to make death sentences more reliable, less arbitrary and less subject to delay. Moreover, in the occasional case in which the death penalty seems to be operating without being unduly infected by the usual systemic problems—such as the recent federal capital prosecution of Dzhokhar Tzarnaev, who was sentenced to die for the 2014 Boston Marathon terrorist bombing—death penalty opponents are quick to assert the case is unrepresentative of modern capital punishment systems rather than to encourage giving attention to the case as a model of improved capital justice to seek to replicate in the future. As a matter of basic philosophy and political practicalities, it is hardly surprising that death penalty opponents would…

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