Death Penalty Should Be Abolish Essay

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Death penalty
The death penalty is a thing that in the United States should abolish. The death in the United States should be abolished. The dictionary defines, “death penalty as the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime”. (Oxford Dictionaries n. pag).The death penalty should be abolished in the United States and the reasons are first the death penalty violates human rights of people .meaning that the rights of humans like the 8th amendment which says that No cruel and unusual punishment is to be inflicted on a person. Second the death penalty does not make fewer crimes. One thing is that crimes are still going on in the United States the death penalty will not deter the crimes. The death penalty costs a lot of money to enforce. Well, states in this country are paying a lot of money so they can keep the death penalty. The death penalty should be abolished because it violates human
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According to the article, “Within the United States, studies have consistently shown that proportionately fewer murders occur in states that do not have the death penalty than in states that do” (Warden, 332). If you have the death penalty more crimes are being committed because of more people that are getting killed are trying to get revenge. Who are executed cannot commit further crimes. According to the article, it is undeniable that those who are executed cannot commit further crimes. “Some advocates for the death penalty highlight the fact that there have been people who have murdered while on death row or when released from incarceration.” (Ethical inquiry N. Pag).Some people do not think that the death penalty is the thing that causes crimes to decrease in fact it makes more crimes do to the fact that people don’t like their loved ones to die because of someone’s death. Do they actually think that if you put someone to the death penalty you will have your loved ones

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