Essay on Death Penalty Is A Cruel Or Unusual Punishment?

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Justice is the word that keeps death penalty at its cue, wandering for a truth and what true justice can bring; right for the wrong and right for the right. Are the government officials the ones with the right solutions? Are we the one’s to validate true justice? I think not and I believe you know this already. Death penalty does not constitute a cruel or unusual punishment, actually it serves what some look as justice; the satisfaction of one’s need to abate death or harm that was imposed by the criminal to someone that person loved, and others view this as not; those specific people enhance something greater, it being death penalty; an anathema to those who are opposers conducts more alternatives to why- it implicates to the adversary to isolate the wrong, but where is the wrong?- if death satisfies! Keeping a criminal in an isolated room creates madness, for what benefit it causes? I can tell madness can only harm. In Onwudiwe analysis in “Deterrence Theory”, he signifies the limits of deterrence, which imposes on to the human who violates the law, in ways limiting the abuse of punishment by using severity, certainty, and celerity. In discussion of Onwudiwe, one controversial issue has been deterrence as an ineffective method. On the other hand, to Hobbes view where people generally pursue their self-interests- material gain, personal safety, and social reputation and “make enemies without caring if they harm others in the process”, lacks in equity and its one of the…

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