Death Penalty Effective

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Is the Death Penalty Effective in the U.S.? The death penalty has always been a controversial topic. Many people agree with capital punishment. They assume that the fear of getting the death penalty will deter crimes like murder and make people think twice about doing it. However, for some people it doesn’t always mean it’s a fact. Unfortunately people commit crimes because they do not care or think about the consequence before doing so. There is no evidence that the death penalty is effective because it’s an easy way out, doesn’t bring closure, it’s unconstitutional and it 's not cheap. With or without the death penalty people will still commit murder. There are many examples proving the death penalty is not effective. Canada is one example. Since the abolishment of the death penalty in Canada in 1976, the homicide rate has decreased. According to Death Penalty Info, the number of homicides in 2001 was 23% lower (554) than 1975 (721), the year before the death penalty was removed. Homicide rates in Canada are three times lower than in the U.S., which still has the death penalty (Death Penalty Info). European countries except for Belarus and Kazakhstan, have completely abolished the death penalty. Data shows that the United States has more than three times the homicides that Europe has. Europe 's population is 742.5 million as of 2013 …show more content…
The death penalty is an expensive solution for punishing a murderer. It 's clearly not stopping murderers from killing and doing horrifying actions. All the money being wasted on the death penalty when there are other options doesn 't seem ok. The death penalty causes more grief to families. Sentencing a criminal to death does not solve the problems that are left behind. Families will still cry for the victim that will never be coming home. They will still carry a never-ending heartache and the criminal no longer has to pay for the consequences of their

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