Death Penalty And Capital Punishment Essay

1027 Words Mar 13th, 2016 5 Pages
The concept of death penalty and capital punishment came into being since biblical times however its legitimacy has largely remained questionable. Previously these government sanctioned executions were carried out by beheading the criminal, after a systematic application of torture. In status-quo, however, the common method is hanging. 193 member states of United Nation have signed the charter yet it is appalling that 37 of them go against the basic right to life of this foundational treaty. This deeply inhuman punishment is justified by labelling it as an excellent deterrent to treason and first degree murder however statistics have been telling us the opposite tale. Despite having alternatives available, certain countries like Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan and etc. have been bearing high costs associated with capital punishment. The executions have also been scandalous considering their racial discrimination nature as well as unjust hanging of the innocent.
One of the greatest arguments provided by the Asian-Pacific nations practicing this barbaric act is death penalty’s role as a deterrent. It is reasoned that the fear of an individual losing their life is sufficient enough to stop the crime and having witnessed criminals punished previously, one always thinks twice before carrying out any act. Contrary to this belief, when the statistics and data was analyzed, it was proven that death penalty in no way has been effective in deterring crime rates. In 1988 a survey…

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