Death of a Salesman and Street Car Named Desire Essay

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Biff: “will you take that phony dream and burn it before something happens”
Compare how the authors of Death of a salesman and “street car named desire explore the conflict between truth and illusion

Truth and illusion are utilized in Tennessee Williams “Streetcar Named Desire” and Arthur Miller's “Death of a salesman” through the use of the character; to lead the reader to a possible conclusion on the beliefs that went into the American dream that prompted people to work hard was that america was the land of opportunity while in fact that opportunity is used to manipulate those who follow this dream something that is most evidently shown in Millers main character Willy and to put forward a essential criticism of the materialistic
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Blanche's caprices often show that in her subconscious she is always cognisant of her past behaviour. She calls Mitch "Samson" and this makes her Delilah, showing her to be capable of betraying and destroying men. In addition, when she tells Mitch that she has "old-fashioned ideals" she "rolls her eyes, knowing he cannot see her face". She even admits to Stella that she has knowingly lied to her as she talks of putting "on soft colours", creating "temporary magic" to attract men. However, later in the play after she has been unmasked and abused by Stanley, she has almost completely retreated into her fantasies as she confuses her admittance to a hospital with a trip to the Caribbean with Shep Huntleigh. Even though she realises that the doctor is "not the gentleman [she] was expecting", Blanche goes with him anyway because she cannot cope with the physical reality that was imposed on her by Staley when he rapes her, remarking that she has "always depended on the kindness of strangers". It appears that Blanche does not see the illusions she creates as morally wayward, she sees it as purely a mode for survival. Her lies make her "soft and attractive" and will secure her "protection". While Willy uses the illusions he creates to escape from the reality that his American dream i is told that his constant fellowship of the American dream, something that he has put his life into, has resulted into a life of a lie and it is this set of “wrong dreams”. Unlike Blanche,

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