Essay on Death Of The Hat By Billy Collins

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Loss of Life Human dignity, all had it, most want it, and some never achieve it. Just like the parents car teens never valued, human dignity was the emotion taken for granted, and all too soon, humans found that mentality brutally revoked. In the short poem Death of the Hat by Billy Collins, the hat stands for considerably more then an object placed upon the head. Collins exemplifies the hat in unique ways, observing the “use” of the hat in both the past and the present. Flashing back in time to when all humans still owned hats, not as an object, but rather as a vehicle for the mentality of this time, it’s easily observed that the “hat” is a normal commodity. Just as a person is defined for the lack of an arm, the lack of dignity was easily spotted through a crowd, as Collins points out “You noticed a man without a hat in a crowd” (12). This does not refer to the physical appearance of the hat, although it does give voice to the physical appearance of a man who does not have his hat. Hat is another word for human dignity, thus interesting of note is that the entire first half of the poem focuses on the past tense of men. The closest reference given to women having hats is applied only if stereotypes that women wear brim banded straw hats, and nobody else. What is the reason for Collins exclusion of women in this “mentality”? Simple, Collins is showing how women show their dignity through the man they are attached to. A simple way to show this is in greetings, as men…

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