Death Of The American Dream Essay

1038 Words Apr 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Death of the American Dream For centuries, America has been known as a place that has been a melting pot of opportunities for people from all over the world. The entire country has grown and been established on the fact that any one person can come from any background. From any country, and build a foundation and a life for themselves on American soil. This belief of acceptance and opportunity to build a life from nothing birthed what has come to be known as The American Dream. The definition of “The American Dream” varies it is not set in stone. But one common factor in each person’s individual American Dream is the ability to experience upward mobility from nothing. To go from the bottom of the ladder and climb the rungs until one has reached the top and has simply done this all from nothing. To in essence, start from the bottom and build oneself up from nothing. That is the American Dream- a dream that is now immensely difficult for anyone to envision anymore. The American economy has had an immense share of economical booming and economic recessions, and depressions as the decades have passed. This essay uses sources that represent and address issues within the American Economy that can be fixed in order to improve our country, and help promote the dream that each American held. The direction the country has gone and is continuing to head towards creates the essence that these problems will never be solved, that is untrue. America can fix it’s mistakes. These problems…

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