Essay on Death Of Sales By Willy Loman

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Death of Sales is about a family in pursuit of the American dream. The characters Willy, Linda, and both of their sons, Happy and Biff try to accomplish this goal, and they come across struggles. The course of action the characters take to handle their internal and external conflict aid to reveal their personality.
Willy Loman is very concern for the achievements of his family. He wishes for his family to live the American dream but struggles to achieve it, for example, Biff to become a successful salesman and Biff to get married. Willy responds by being close-minded and by over reacting when his family does not attain these goals. According to his wife, Linda, “You make mountains out of molehills” (1005N), Willy overreacts to situations because he has high standards for his family. For example, Willy overreacts to the career his son Biff wants to carry out; he does not want his son to work as a farmer for the amount of money that comes with the job, thirty-five dollars a week. Willy is closed-minded and cares more about having a well-known reputation and living the American dream than allowing his son to do what he loves. Willy wishes for his family to do economically better. Willy wants for his other son Happy to get married; this is ironic because Willy has a mistress. Willy gives two boxes of new stockings to his mistress while his wife is mending his stockings and struggles with money. As he calculates the amount of money needed for the bills, he realizes that his…

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