Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay

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The tragic play “Death Of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, is about a salesman named Willy Loman whose life is going downhill. Willy Loman, the head of the family, has been teaching his two sons Biff and Happy about how they should live their life. Biff was a football star at his high school and hoped that he would receive a scholarship from University of Virginia. Unfortunately, he flunked his math class and could not graduate. His other son, Happy is the youngest son who actually listens to Willy and his advices, but Willy appreciates Biff more than Happy as his son by favoring him more. Linda Loman, the wife of Willy is a tough woman who endlessly supports Willy throughout the play and always caring about him and the family which is ironic because Willy cheated on her with another woman in the past. In the business world, Willy believes that business depends on how much people like you instead of the amount of business that can be done. Willy’s neighbor, Charley is a successful businessman who has a son named Bernard that is also successful because he is a lawyer. Charley notices that Willy is having trouble with money, so he offers him a job, but Willy rejects because he has too much pride. Throughout the play, Arthur Miller makes it clear that Willy’s behavior and persuading his sons to steal and lie to make their lives better will lead to the destruction of his family and death.
Biff Loman is the only dynamic character in the play that changes how he should live his life.…

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