Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay

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In the play Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller utilize characters as a way of highlighting the features of the main character, Willy. Charley, a minor character in the play, is used as a crucial foil to emphasize Willy’s failure as a father and a salesman. It is Willy’s shortcomings that highlight the profound effect that humans and society itself have on individuals.
Charley and Willy are rivals in the business world with Charley being the more successful of the two. According to Chester E. Eisinger, “Charley represents [the] ideal form” of the business-success dream. He frequently donates money to Willy so he and his family can sustain themselves. At one point, Charley offers Willy a “place at the office.” Charley takes on a more tender role towards Willy and after the death of the main character, Charley shows pity for him. He states that “nobody dast blame this man” because he was trying to achieve what he thought were his dreams. Such actions demonstrate the kind and caring character that Charley assumes and espouses. On the other hand, the main character of the play foolishly believes that a dominant and masculine personality is the most integral part of success in the business world. Being “well liked” is Willy’s perceived key to accomplishment and, as a result, no consistent form of humility is shown towards any character. Examples can be found in the way that he scolds Linda for interrupting him but proceeds to interrupt others throughout the plot.…

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