Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay example

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Everyone has a life goal that they want to achieve. Some people succeed, while others either have an impossible dream or just fail at it. What do you do when you fail your goal in life? Sometimes people look at other possibilities, give up and remain a failure, and some even give up their life. Arthur Miller wrote about one family 's struggle to achieve Willy Loman 's dream to become a successful salesman. There are many factors why Willy Loman failed to achieve this, which ended in a tragedy. In Death of a Salesman, the conflicts of parenting, growing up, and being a typical American family led to this horrific tragic ending for the Loman family.
First of all, we have a family of four; Willy and Linda, and their two children Biff and Happy. The Loman 's are like some families who argue, have problems, and they blame each other for things. Biff and Happy would have been better off if Linda and Willy did a better job parenting them. When Willy was a young child, his father left his family to make money. He never had a father figure growing up. Willy stuck with his family and still wanted to try and make money. When Biff and Happy were younger, their father always bonded with them. They would learn how to fix and build things together. They always talked to each other and told them everything. There was one time Willy brought them home a punching bag. That same day Biff was bragging about how he stole a football from the locker room. He praised Biff for stealing by "laughing…

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