Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay

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“Death of a Salesman” written by Arthur Miller is a short story about two characters, Willy Loman and his son Biff Loman. At the beginning of the story, Willy and Linda, Willy’s wife, talk to each other about Willy finding a job close to his home city, New York, since Linda is worried about Willy’s because he had an accident. Willy feels happy when he imagines about the past the past when his son, Biff, was a quarterback with potential to make it to professional level. Willy and Biff have different personalities, Willy has a mindset of an idealist and Biff has a mindset of a realist.

The pursuit of happiness is the main point of the American dream. Willy does not want to face reality because he creates a fake world that makes him happy. The pursuit of happiness causes people to want money, property, education and a spouse because many people think happiness is achieved through owning things. The American dream is to be able to come from nothing and provide for oneself or ones’ family, not just to acquire wealth. Willy always wants more in life; that’s why he is fired, losing his mind and commit suicide.

Home ownership is one of the important things people try to aim for to achieve the
American dream even though many people “work a lifetime to pay off a house” (Miller
2114).Willy dies before one last house payment. Having a house, a wife, kids and a job, even though Willy’s job is far away from his house, are parts of the American dream. The American dream is the main…

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