Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay

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The adult a child becomes is determined largely by the kind of relationship he has with his parents. If a parent pushes responsibilities on to a child, the child will avoid them. However, if a child is given no responsibilities, he will not grow up. In the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Willy Loman tries to teach his children the things he isn’t able to do himself: be good at sports, take advantage of being good looking, get far in life, get rich quick, and enjoy the American Dream. Willy pushes his sons away by only focusing on the good his sons did when they were young, which gives his children no space to talk to him. The problem with Willy is that he’s made his sons into a project, so that he can live through them after he’s failed himself.,As a result, Willy misses out on what his sons really need.
Willy is always looking back at what he could have done in the past. He could’ve gone exploring with his brother and gotten rich quick, or he could have become a successful salesman. He misses his chance to be a successful salesman (although he’d never admit out loud). Because Willy fails to achieve his own goals, he now focuses on his sons and tries to live his life through them. When he’s talking to, or about Biff, he only looks at what Biff could become and could accomplish as a salesman. The only time Willy is happy with his sons, is when they take an interest in sales. In one scene, Willy goes from insulting Biff and telling him how he’s screwed up his…

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