Death Of A Dream In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The Death of a Dream

How far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams? Become a criminal? Lock yourself away from the rest of the world? Even live in an illusion? Just how much are we truly willing to sacrifice? Well, two novels try to show us just how far a human will go through two very complex and tragic figures. Jay Gatsby from “The Great Gatsby” By F. Scott Fitzgerald, a wealthy, suave but mysterious gentleman who wanted nothing more than the love of a woman to complete his American Dream, while the other, Holden Caulfield, from J.D Salinger’s “The Catcher In The Rye”, a feisty young spitfire who constantly rejected society in order to live his own version of the American Dream, wanting
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Money, parties, fancy suits, class; these were the attributes Gatsby always showed to the world. Appearance was everything to him, showing off with his fancy clothes, and his big yellow car. In his mind, how could he have his American dream if he looked like just some nobody? After selling his soul to the devil for Daisy, for his dream, he just it had to come true. So, he made himself look like the man he believed he was destined to be. In being the rich millionaire, the war hero, and the extravagant party host, he could look at himself and see Jay Gatsby, not that poor farm boy from North Dakota, not James Gatz, never again. Holden could have cared less about appearances. In his life he saw the idea of keeping up appearances change people from vivacious and innocent, into conceited and pretentious fakes, just another cog into the machine society had become in his eyes. People followed whatever they were told, so he rebelled. So he smoked, he drank, he cursed and didn’t care about school or his life beyond that. Holden wasn’t going to be another brick in the wall, and was innocent in his own eyes and always would be, despite being a corrupted version of youth to others. With one look at Gatsby, you’d see the urbane lie, never the truth and in Holden always the coarse truth, never the …show more content…
It was the life blood of his existence, the idea that made him get out of bed every morning and made him smile in the darkest of his hours. That one word he clung to as if letting it go meant death. His whole life was led by that green light. Growing up in desalinate farmlands of North Dakota, it was hope that drove him to actually leave and try to make something of himself. That made him gamble everything on a second chance at love with the girl of his dreams. Hope was that green light that stretched across the bay and blazed so brightly to him while it was nothing but a dim light to others. It was that same idea of hope that made him perish but it gave him the drive that his American Dream would come true, and that all that work would be for

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