Death Is The Ultimate Indignity Essay

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Theologically, death is the ultimate indignity. If you have walked with a loved one through the end of life, there is nothing particularly dignified about the dying process. In most cases it is just downright ugly. The dignity in dying comes from how we cope with our deterioration.

This is a really good quote and goes with everything that our Christian faith comes from. What I mean by that is death is never a likable thing to think about. However, as born-again Christians, I believe we are ultimately better equipped to tackle death head on because we know where we are going to end up. God prepares us and gives us peace through Jesus Christ. Now, if I was a lost person, death would be the last thing that I ever would want to think about. The reason for this is because I would not be prepared and would not be looking forward to the events that occur after death. I would more than likely being making a statement like “I don’t want to die” instead of “I’m surrendering my all to God’s will”. This all comes down to being a spiritual issue with everyone and if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord, then death is not merely feared but accepted.

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I think that when the prognosis is poor and
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Death is a part of reality because of the entrance of sin and there is no way around that for anyone. We live and we die, however, how do we look at death as individuals? If you are a lost soul, death would be resisted to the very last second of your life but born-again Christians have a way of accepting the death because of their preparedness through Jesus Christ. Now, just like what Scott says, “we’ve got to be careful about the point that we do that” and we do, but the reality of death is more easily accepted as Christians. I’m not saying we shouldn’t fight our disease with all the power that we have, but when the evitable is clear, we can easily accept our death as part of God’s will and prepare to meet him in

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